How Secure Is Your Home? Why Every house needs a safe room.

How Secure Is Your Home?  Why Every house needs a safe room!!!

English: Del City, OK, May 4,1999 -- Norma Bar...
English: Del City, OK, May 4,1999 — Norma Bartlett standing in from of the safe room in her daughter’s home. She and her daughter were in the safe room during the tornado, along with two dogs and two cats. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



So many things today pose potential threats to our homes, our families and the lives we’ve built.  Severe weather pounds large areas of the United States with tornadoes, fires and flooding.  National crime rates continually climb as the economy teeters on the edge of collapse.  Conditions are ripe for catastrophe as we find ourselves reliant on a frail economy for survival.  You don’t need a vivid imagination to be able to foresee the potential wave of instability coming on the heels of any major event such as the one listed previously.  We’ve civil unrest occur in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.  We’ve seen first hand the devastation left from riots and social backlash in response to political instability, social controversy and civil unrest.   The mounting dangers are ever present and a constant threat to your family, home and ability to survive..

Although there have been many advancements in designing, engineering and building modern homes; the fact remains that much of the actual materials used in construction have remained the same.   Modern homes may be equipped with alarm systems, security surveillance cameras, motion sensors etc… but in spite of all of these upgrades, most homes are still highly vulnerable to high winds, fire and  flooding.  Additionally, the vast majority of houses in America are not “modern” and lack even the most basic security provisions.

English: Oklahoma City, OK, June 21, 1999 -- T...
 Oklahoma City, OK, — The Safe Room Traveling Road Show teams visit Oklahoma, urging residents of tornado-prone areas to build an in-house “safe room” as protection against deadly tornadoes. FEMA disaster team staff, Bob Connors and Steve Jeffery, set up their display at a building supply center in Oklahoma City. 


It’s easy to see how any significant catastrophe will challenge the pseudo-security of the typical American home.  However the spin-off effects of any catastrophe will always result in civil unrest of some sort.  It’s the “kill or be killed” mentality that the average law-abiding people adopt when confronted with such a scenario.  We all need to feed our family and much of the population will do this at any cost.  It’s logical to predict that people will eventually take to the streets in search of supplies.  The average home made of wood, brick and glass will off little protection against a group of people that are intent on gaining entry.

According to the FBI statistics, one burglary occurs every 10 seconds.  In 2012 there were an estimated $8,975,438 property crimes.  This number is staggering when you consider that this was during a time where resources and provisions are plentiful. Basically the almost 9 million property crimes were committed by the “criminal” element of our society.  In catastrophic times even your average law abiding citizen will go to extremes to ensure survival.


English: Policeman in riot control gear checki...


Security is the number one thing a person should consider.  Any preparations made will be worthless if you can adequately protect your rations.  There are plenty of extravagant options that Rising S offers to assist in security….  from underground bunkers and shelters to above ground safe rooms – there are options for every scenario.  However, of all of the options available, one solution is both functional security and cost effective.  I am of course speaking of the above ground safe room from Rising S.   These are typically constructed from 1/4″ steel and rated to withstand winds in excess of 250mph and wind borne objects of 50,000lbs.   The unit is bolted to your concrete slab and it can be built to any dimension or installed behind false walls for confidentiality.   The safe room is resistant to fire, flood, and small arms fire.  Store anything of value inside the unit and in case of home invasion; the unit can protect at least four people depending on the unit’s size.


 YOU CAN  WIN Aenter-to-win-saferoom


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