Popular Prepper Terms and Acronyms

This is good (not’get out of dodge’) information to have so you know what the heck people are talkin about….



By Prepared Preacher

Sometimes when I am talking to fellow preppers I am amazed at the amount of crazy terms we have come up with that are specific to our community. For someone new to prepping, it must be even harder to keep up with the jargon that we love to throw around. Because of that, I decided to create a simple list of the most used terms and the common definitions for them.

  1. BOB – The infamous Bug Out Bag. A bag (usually a backpack, but not always) that carries enough essential life preserving supplies to survive for at least 72 hours. Done right, it is able to be carried long distances on foot by its owner. Usually includes such items as water, water purification means, fire starters, food, extra clothing, first aid supplies, rope/paracord, emergency blanket, personal papers, a knife, and similar contents.
  2. SHTF – Sh*t Hits The…

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