How To Use Dried Eggplant (and other things you didn’t know you wanted to know)

Personally, I don’t even make a stew without eggplant. I peel it, chop it finely and slow cook my stew. The eggplant basically ‘melts’ into it giving it a rich delicious flavor! My sister’s kids always want to know why Aunt Pat’s stew is so much better than their mama’s. Even my dad says that my stew is so much better than my mama’s! THAN MY MAMA’S! HA! GOTCHA MAMA! LOL These are all the same people that think they hate eggplant. I’m not gonna tell, are you? 😉

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When I realized the need to get serious about emergency preparedness, it was not a happy little thought on a sunny afternoon. It was November, 2007, I had just learned more about politics than I really wanted to know, and I was scared. I did what I suspect many, if not most, new preppers do: I hit the grocery store and stocked up on all manner of dry and canned goods. It is not the worst mistake one can make, but it is a mistake, as I would soon learn. 

We ate it, I try not to waste food. However, as we ate, we continued to learn. We learned about the toxic lining in essentially every canned product you buy, including organic products. I got back into canning my own food, but I realize not everyone has the time and energy for that. If you are really looking to buy…

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