Sweet & Sour Sauce

This looks soooooooooooo amazing!!!!!!! I woke up at 4am and I feel like I’m starving to death! LOL This sounds so good to me that as Veruca Salts says “DADDY, I WANT IT NOW!” But if I wake up my husband and son yet by rambling around the kitchen, they’ll be in grouchy moods and the cost of the rolls gets expensive to my psychi… O.o I’ll just wait until they leave for work/school then I’m going to give in to the desire for all things Asian and fermented! 😉

Betty Rawker

Raw Paleo Sweet & Sour Sauce [w/ Salad Rolls] Recipe

For me, this sweet and sour sauce really captures the true essence, flavor, simplicity and beauty of eating raw.

This sauce easily stand up next against [and kick the pants off] any of those other sweet & full of icky ingredients sauces you usually find in American/Chinese food restaurants, you know the sauce that is filled with corn syrup, MSG and pumped full of food dyes like Red #5. I came across a recipe like this one last year on a raw food forum, but can’t find it again to credit it properly.

Fresh Raw Sweet & Sour Sauce Recipe:

  • (optional: spice it up with a little pinch of raw chili flakes)
  • (optional: add in a small chunk fresh ginger)

Blend ingredients together on high. Enjoy.

Serve on the side…

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