If you have followed my blogs so far you will have (1) got rid of periods (so you can enjoy sports and running around enjoying yourself without fear) (2) cut down on housework (3) put boys in their place, they are NOT the crown of creation even if they think they are (4) put your relations with your peers, parents and yourself into context.

Your teen years are a valuable time. To find yourself, to plan for your adult life and to have fun.

Firstly, find yourself. There are lots of free sites on the net where you can test yourself psychologically . Not just intelligence but personality. If you can find a site which will show your personality it will point you to the kinds of jobs you would enjoy as an adult. You might be surprised!

You should focus on finding enjoyment in things that are as independent of other people as possible. Otherwise your happiness/enjoyment becomes dependent on the behaviour of other people who can make you miserable on a whim. I am not saying totally exclude social pleasures – but have others that other people cannot spoil. Sadly there are rather too many people in the world with nothing better to do than hurt other people for fun.

Yes, I know adulthood seems light years away, but adulthood is a lot easier when you get to it if you have done a bit of preparation beforehand.

I want you to pretend that you are twenty years old. You have finished your schooling and you are ready to leave home. In order to live independently you need a job which pays enough to support you and you will want a place to live .

(The following exercise can be done on the web).

Exercise 1

Look through the property section of a newspaper and find the rental for the following types of accommodation. Bedsit, studio, one-bed flat, two bed flat, cottage, house. If you like you can look up what it would cost to buy.

Exercise 2

Now look up the job section of the newspaper and find the wages for the following jobs. Shop worker, office worker, postman, labourer , cleaner, secretary, teacher, journalist, health club worker, waitress, manager, hairdresser, accountant, nurse, doctor, dentist, vet, lawyer, pilot, lorry driver, and anything else you might be interested in.

Now compare the cost of the place you would like to live with the wages for the job you would like to do.

If you find the job you are looking at does not pay enough to fund the lifestyle you want, you need to check out the wages for the jobs that would and find out what qualifications you would need. In general mathematical/technical/computer skills and people-skills are most highly rewarded in the work place. For a specialist job you might need high grade specific qualifications.

Adulthood might seem light years away, but decisions you make now about school subjects can make all the difference to your adult life.



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