The First Ever Photos Of The NSA- Published Right Here (Video)

This is so frightening to know we have absolutely no privacy! What has happened to our society? It makes me just want to run and hide!
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(N.Morgan) NSA was in operations, even in the 70’s. many don’t realize how long they have been being under the NSA microscope. What is this sinister agency, we’ve heard so much about, since Ed Snowden came forward? Here’s an inside look at the agency known as NSA.

The Intercept is now up and running. As their first article, Greenwald, Scahill, and Poitras say Welcome to The Intercept. Their central mission is to hold the most powerful governmental and corporate factions accountable. The second Intercept article, NSA’s Secret Role in the U.S. Assassination Program by Jeremy Scahill and Glenn Greenwald documents the NSA’s use of highly unreliable methods to target individuals around the world for assassinations by drone, resulting in the deaths of innocent people…

Finally, please consider, the third Intercept article, New Photos of the NSA and Other Top Intelligence Agencies, by guest author Trevor…

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