Senator, Oklahomans rally at State Capitol to legalize medical marijuana today

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OKLAHOMA CITY – Supporters of medical marijuana will gather at the State Capitol in just a few hours for medical marijuana lobby day.

According to a survey earlier this year, the majority of Americans who answered said marijuana should be legal.

In Oklahoma, Senator Constance Johnson has filed a new law to legalize marijuana for medical use in our state.

Sen. Johnson is called for the regulation and taxing of marijuana similar to the way alcohol is regulated.

Johnson claims it would refocus law enforcement on real threats and crimes rather than a substance argued to be “less harmful than alcohol.”

While thousands claim the drug is dangerous, Johnson said Oklahoma is getting closer to legalizing it.

Sen. Johnson said, “We’ve legalized alcohol which is far more deadly and dangerous than marijuana.”

The support rally starts at 9 a.m. and last through the day.

The group organizing the event said…

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