Jesus’ Great-Grandmothers

Did you know that Rahab the former prostitute was the great, great, great grandmother of Jesus?
Do you think when Jesus looked at the women caught in adultery. That Jesus’ His heart had a tenderness towards her because His mother Mary would have told Him wonderful loving stories of His great grandmother Rahab?
Rahab: A Great-Grandmother of Jesus
The second woman listed in Matthew’s genealogy is Rahab: “Salmon [was] the father of Boaz by Rahab” (Matthew 1:5).
Rahab’s story appears in Joshua 2. She was the prostitute that protected the two spies who secretly entered Jericho on the eve of Israel’s conquest of the land. When the king of Jericho heard that the spies had come to her house, the king ordered Rahab to surrender the men to him.
However, Rahab had heard that the Lord had delivered Israel from their oppression in Egypt and how he was planning to give the land of Canaan to Israel. For this reason, Rahab promised to protect the two men if they promised to spare her and her family when they conquered the city.
When Israel entered the land and conquered Jericho, Joshua and the army of Israel spared Rahab and her family, and all that belonged to her. According to Matthew’s genealogy, Rahab married a man from Judah and she became the mother of Boaz.

Dr. Claude Mariottini - Professor of Old Testament

Jesus’ genealogy appears in two places in the New Testament: Matthew 1:1-17 and Luke 3:23-38. In Matthew, Jesus’ genealogy is presented in a descending order: it goes from Abraham to Joseph. In Luke, Jesus’ genealogy is in an ascending order: it goes from Joseph to Adam.

Both genealogies are given, not to emphasize biological connection, but to emphasize that Jesus is the fulfillment of God’s purpose of redemption. The focus of the genealogies is theological. The genealogy of Jesus is designed to show that Jesus is the Messiah, a descendant of David, and a descendant of Abraham.

As a descendant of Abraham, Jesus fulfills God’s covenantal promise to Abraham. God promised Abraham that he would be a blessing to the nations: “in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed” (Genesis 12:3).

As a descendant of David, Jesus fulfills God’s covenantal promise to David. God promised David that…

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An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

Dear Mrs. Clinton,

Congratulations on securing the Democratic nomination for president of the United States. It’s historical! It’s liberating to women! You’ve broken the glass ceiling!

But at what cost?

As the mother of a beautiful young daughter, my desire is to teach her every day that she is priceless, valuable and precious beyond anything else in this world. I tell her that God has placed her on this earth for a very specific reason. I make sure that she never doubts her place here.

How exciting it would be for us to celebrate the accomplishments of the first woman ever to receive the presidential nomination of a major political party! Wouldn’t it be amazing if I were able to point my daughter to someone she could look up to and admire? Unfortunately for myself, my daughter and millions of other women in this nation, I can’t.

Sadly, Mrs. Clinton…

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American Thinker: Interview with AR-15

Libertas and Latte

Posted in it’s entirety from the source.

untitled.pngHi, my name is AR-15. Some of you know me, but many more of you know of me — through the media. But you may not know the real me.

I’m that cool, sleek-looking black gun you’ve seen profiled by the press. They put me in newspapers and on TV, showing my picture as if it’s a mug shot, even though I’ve never committed a crime. Oh, bad people have at times used (and abused) me to do bad things, but not really that often; as even The New York Times admitted in 2014, firearms such as me — which that paper and others call “assault weapons” — are only used in two percent of gun crimes (most are perpetrated with handguns).

And that’s another thing. For a long time I didn’t mind the misnomer; it massaged my ego and made me feel…

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Video: Why Senator Jeff Sessions Did Not Endorse Senator Ted Cruz…

Video: Why Senator Jeff Sessions Did Not Endorse Senator Ted Cruz…Posted on March 5, 2016 by sundanceDuring the debate last night Senator Ted Cruz was asked a direct question by Megyn Kelly about why didn’t Senator Jeff Sessions endorse him.  Cruz artfully avoided answering and instead deflecting his response  to falsely accuse Donald Trump of sending Hillary Clinton four campaign contributions in 2008.Senator Cruz never answered the question.So why doesn’t Senator Jeff Sessions support Ted Cruz?  The answer is within this video:

Source: Video: Why Senator Jeff Sessions Did Not Endorse Senator Ted Cruz…

I wish I would have seen this YEARS ago. The morphing of the European countries into a monstrous chimera is so clear now, there is NO denying that we caught them in the act here in the United States.

I’m just outraged that they were doing this without our assent, using a bunch of steppingstone treaties, shill politicians, and calling all who questioned it “crazy”.

Now the UNiparty is clear to us – everybody in the DuNCe and GOPlites racing to kowtow to a New World Order from pseudo-left to fake right – from the Bush dynasty to the Clinton GLOBAL initiative. Sickening!

They could have asked. They could have put it to a vote. But NO. Sneaky little steppingstone treaties that brought more and more of their WORLD NAZI mentality to American government – all the while calling it whatever would sell it.

Trump is a threat because he talks back to what might as well be Spectre – the global octopus.

The Spirit Behind the Seductive Selfie

Women on the Fringe


A couple weeks ago, a brother in the Lord reached out to me about a growing problem within our little online ecclesia. He asked if I wouldn’t mind rebuking some of the females who professed Christ yet continued to snap and share “sexy selfies”. I had just been praying to God about what subject to write about next, so I felt his request was right on time since I was becoming increasingly burdened by this growing phenomenon myself.

Before I continue, I want everybody to know right off the bat that I do not think I’m better than anyone here. When I shared my plans to tackle this subject and asked if there was anything the community wanted to contribute, many misunderstood me and began to attack my motives saying things like “burka burka” and “isn’t your profile pic a selfie?”

I am not against a woman taking a selfie!…

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Because of Trump

Mario Murillo Ministries

Because of Trump blob

I was 10 years old playing cops and robbers with my friends. My side kept losing.  I was tired of losing.  So, when an opponent pointed his toy pistol at me and yelled “bang, bang you’re dead” I decided there and then not be dead. We won because I discovered I was wearing a bullet proof vest.

Feminists, environmentalists, the liberal media, Barack, Hillary, the thought and speech police and even RINO’s have all taken shots at Trump and yelled ”bang, bang you’re dead.”   What they wanted was a corpse—what they got was rising poll numbers.

-One famous columnist wrote an article entitled Don Voyage after Trump criticized John McCain.  

Don voyage

-Pundits were falling all over themselves to declare the Donald’s death after his tweet about Megyn Kelly.   One commentator said “Hurricane Trump blows away speech police.”

I cannot think of another time in American history where such a massive…

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New Video: Planned Parenthood Harvested Brain Of Live Baby

Mario Murillo Ministries

New Video: Planned Parenthood Harvested Brain Of Live Baby

New Video: Planned Parenthood Harvested Brain Of Live Baby

A new undercover sting video released today shows testimony of a former StemExpress procurement technician who said Planned Parenthood harvested organs from babies whose hearts were still beating. The video, which was released by the Center for Medical Progress, is the seventh in a series of videos unmasking Planned Parenthood’s baby body parts trafficking scheme.

WARNING: The footage and descriptions in the video are incredibly graphic and disturbing:

Holly O’Donnell, a former procurement technician with Planned Parenthood partner StemExpress, described in the video how one abortionist thought it was “kinda cool” to arbitrarily stop and start an unborn baby’s heart during the abortion.

“‘Hey, Holly, come over here. I want you to see something kinda cool. This is kinda neat,’” an abortionist told O’Donnell.

“The moment I see it, I’m just flabbergasted,” O’Donnell said…

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Mario Murillo Ministries

President Barack Obama listens to a question during a news conference at the White House in Washington, Tuesday, June 23, 2009.(AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)

He is at war with us.

By Mario Murillo

This article is not about Obama. He is mentioned in it.  He is accused in it—he is the villain of it—but it is not about him.  This article is about you and me.  It is about facing the most horrible fact—we have had to face—since the Civil War.

The man who occupies the White House is at war with us.  He is not at war against ISIS.  He is not at war against black poverty.  He is not at war against unemployment.  He is not at war against anything that threatens you.  He is at war with you.

The man who has the most power over Americans is actively working to destroy Americans.  That is a bitter pill to swallow—but swallow it we must.

But how do I convince you that he is at war against us?  I struggled with…

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Preparing the Church for the Coming Storm

Mario Murillo Ministries


Preparing the Church for the Coming Storm

By Mario Murillo

Franklin Graham just said: “The Storm is coming.”  When Obama refused to say that the 21 people who were beheaded were Christians we crossed into extremely dangerous territory. The president of the United States will look the other way as Islam persecutes Christianity.

David Wilkerson saw a coming storm of persecution and violence.  He saw devastation in New York with fire and massive death and rampant immorality.    Few believed him because at that time, unemployment was less than 5% and because Disney had just taken over the seedy areas of Times Square area and made it family oriented.  All of his words have come to pass.

rev-david-wilkerson (2)

In 1998 he predicted a coming storm and explains why the church would not listen to warnings:

David Wilkerson: “The majority of churchgoers today soundly reject all prophetic warnings of a coming storm. Indeed…

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What American DemocRATS Want..

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

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Obama Goes Beyond Mere Gun Control, Hints at Confiscation….

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

And Obama, I have but one thing to say to this..


When President Obama spoke in reaction to the heinous October 1 attack on Umpqua Community College, he went beyond his usual calls for more gun control and suggested instead that America consider following the path blazed by Australia and Great Britain.

Source: Obama Goes Beyond Mere Gun Control, Hints at Confiscation…

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Completing the Work

“I have brought You glory on earth by completing the work You gave Me to do” (John 17:4).

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Completing the Work

September 17

“I have brought You glory on earth by completing the work You gave Me to do” (John 17:4).

Have you ever had a big project to do and felt great when you’d finished the job and it was a big success? The Lord has revealed to us that the number one thing we are to do is love the Lord our God with all our heart and to love our neighbor as ourselves. His desire is for us to know Him and the power of His resurrection. These mandates deal with our relationship with Him. The fruit of this relationship must then result in our glorifying Him by completing the work He has given each of us to do. It will become a by-product of this relationship, not an end in itself.

What is the work God has called you to do? Jesus never did…

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“You have to be very careful introducing the truth to the black man who has never previously heard the truth about himself. The black brother is so brainwashed that he may reject the truth when he first hears it. You have to drop a little bit on him at a time, and wait a while to let that sink in before advancing to the next step.” — Malcolm X

“You have to be very careful introducing the truth to the black man who has never previously heard the truth about himself. The black brother is so brainwashed that he may reject the truth when he first hears it. You have to drop a little bit on him at a time, and wait a while to let that sink in before advancing to the next step.” — Malcolm X.

Demon “god” Makes an Unlikely Appearance As Apocalyptic Signs Ignite- The Attacks Have Begun!

Lisa Haven News

By Lisa Haven

I urge you to watch the video below in its entirety. Especially considering the amount of “chaotic events” that are happening all across the globe. Everything from demonic appearances, to the selling of fetal parts, to increased persecution, to… you won’t believe what else!

We are the generation that is witnessing a tailspin of Apocalyptic type events. Please don’t miss this breaking report…

More signs of Christ’s return exist today then any other time in history. In Matthew 16:3 Jesus rebuked a crowd of people for not understanding the “sign of the times” that ushered in his first coming. Sadly, many people today are following suit and failing to “understand the sign of the times” in which they live.

When Noah and Lot warned people of Gods coming judgment and desolation; they refused to listen. Instead they were labeled “extremists” and ignored.  When God’s judgment finally…

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Leave the Gay talk in America

Bishop Kariuki said the president is destroying America with his support for gay marriage.

“I believe that with all my heart with that agenda he is ruining America because America has been known as a Christian nation,” he said. “It has been known as a nation that has sent missionaries out. Now it is a different nation all together because it is an agenda against God!”

Mario Murillo Ministries

NAIROBI, Kenya — President Barack Obama heads to Kenya this week for a global economic summit. It will be Obama’s first visit as president to his father’s homeland.

While some hope the trip will bring closer ties between our two countries, there’s one subject many Kenyans don’t want the president to talk about: gay rights and same-sex marriage.

The streets are already buzzing in anticipation of his arrival, with polls showing Obama enjoys widespread popularity among Kenyans.

“I think this is a guy who really appreciates his roots,” said one resident of the capital city.

“Because he is our brother, we welcome him,” Peter, from Nairobi, said.

The president’s visit, however, is not without controversy.

Seven hundred Kenyan evangelical pastors have written an open letter asking the president not to come to their country and talk about the gay agenda.

Mark Kariuki is the key architect of that letter. He…

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Does It Have To Be?

This is my public policy post on this subject. I’ve actually said this before in different words and the more I hang out with anarchists, the more I find myself agreeing with them.

The Bible is very clear that homosexual behavior is a sin. It follows that the commitment ceremonies gays insist upon calling “weddings” are public declarations of ongoing sexual immorality. The Bible tells Christians to FLEE sexual immorality because it corrupts our relationship with God. It is worse than other sins because it involves our own bodies. From those two facts, I judge that God is telling Christians that we may not encourage the homosexual activity of other humans. For the sake of our own relationship with God AND for the sake of the homosexuals we come in contact with, we must NOT participate in their commitment ceremonies, even as an unwilling caterer, photographer, florist, etc.

The Bible also teaches me that I am responsible only for myself and members of my local church. Nobody becomes a Christian by forced conversion. They may become a Christianist, but that is not a true relationship with Jesus Christ, which is what true Christianity is. My faith teaches me that I should always evangelize wherever I go, but it is not me who brings people to Christ. He does that.

So how does that connect to a public policy statement?

Christians need to recognize that we live in a very secular world and we can’t do anything about that. Stop trying to legislate morality. It doesn’t work and it just hardens people against the gospel. I firmly believe that if we stopped trying to use the government to force people to do things our way and concentrated on being friendly, loving, and firm in our beliefs and practices informed by those belief, we would see a sea change. People would be more willing to come to the Lord because they would understand that He is not a dictator and we are not His minions.

Think about that.

To secularists through the United States – I don’t want to persecute you. Everyone has the right to believe as they want and, to the extent that we are not harming others or depriving them of liberty, to live as they wish.

But …

Tolerance in liberty is a two-way street. Your liberty depends on my liberty and mine depends on yours. If you try to force me to participate in the sin of others, I’m going to say “NO!” My resistance is not a form of hatred, but an expression of love. I may not completely understand why God condemns homosexuality, but it is enough for me to know that He who created mankind does in fact say it is a grievous sin. Just as I would not sit down for a beer with an alcoholic because that would be harming the alcoholic, I won’t attend or cater the commitment ceremonies of same-sex couples. Yes, they have a right to commit to one another, but I have a right to not participate.

When you force your ideology on others, you force them to have an opinion on the subject. You’re welcome to your opinion about the practice of my faith, but you are not welcome to force me to violate it. If you don’t want me to resist your sin, don’t ask me to participate in it. That’s tolerance. We BOTH have the freedom to live our lives without interference from the other. Anything less is tyranny.

And this is where the public policy statement comes in.

Government is not the answer to our problems and it is rapidly becoming the source of tyranny. A marriage license is a secular non-religious document – a contract. It does not create a marriage as God understands marriage.

Christian marriage is an institution of the churches. The 1st Amendment makes clear that the government should have no power to tell churches what they can and cannot do regarding Christian marriage, so why have we given the government that power?  Nothing prevents us from “hand fasting” before our churches and entering into “marital contract” with one another. My parents did … my mom still being unable, because Alaska was still under federal law, to get a divorce from her husband, contracted with my dad to own houses together, to receive his life insurance policies, for power of attorney for end of life decisions and for custody of me. It worked out better for her than a marriage license because with a contract, she had actual rights and he had actual obligations. They weren’t Christians, so theirs was a wholly secular decision, and it worked — in the 1960s when almost nobody was doing it.

But I’m a Christian with libertarian leanings and I want my political philosophy to be in line with God’s laws. It might surprise you to learn that God doesn’t say you have to have a government marriage license. For most of Western history, marriage was a private contract between two families … or two individuals, like my mom and dad. For 16 centuries, Christianity defined marriage based on a couple’s wishes. If you claimed you had exchanged marriage vows, the Catholic Church accepted that as a valid marriage. In 1215 the Church (really an amalgamation of church and state) decreed that a “licit” marriage must take place in church, but people who married illicitly had the same civil rights and obligations as a couple married in church: their children were legitimate, the wife had the same inheritance rights, the couple was subject to the same prohibitions against divorce.

In the 16th century, Europeans began to require that marriages be performed under legal auspices, mainly in an attempt to prevent unions between young adults whose parents opposed the match.

The American colonies officially required marriages to be registered, but until the mid-19th century, state supreme courts routinely rules that public cohabitation was sufficient evidence of a valid marriage, but then the Civil War happened and the United States began to nullify common-law marriages between blacks and whites.

By the 1920s, 38 states prohibited whites from marrying blacks, “mulattos”, or Asians while 12 states would not issue a marriage license if one partner was a drunk, addict or “mental defect”, and 18 states set barriers to remarriage after divorce.

By the mid-20th century, courts invalidated laws against interracial marriage and other barriers, but governments began relying on marriage licenses as a means to distribute resources to dependents. Social Security survivor benefits require proof of marriage. Employers use marital status to determine whether they will provide health insurance or pension benefits to employees’ dependents. Courts and hospitals required a marriage license before granting couples the privilege of inheriting from each other or receiving medical information. In the 1950s, using a marriage license in this way made some sense because marriage was the default condition of most Americans. Cohabiitation and single parenthood by choice were rare. Today, possession of a marriage license tells us little about people’s interpersonal responsibilities. Half of all Americans aged 25 to 29 are unmarried, but many of them have already incurred obligations as partners, parents or both. Almost 40 percent of America’s children are born to unmarried parents. Many legally married people are in remarriages where their obligations are spread among several households. Children can no longer be denied inheritance rights, parental support or legal standing because their parents are not married.

I favor of reverting back to an older marriage tradition. Let churches decide which marriages they deem “licit”. Let couples write contracts between them for legal protections and obligations. Then just leave each other alone.

Christians understand that the only true marriage is that founded by God. Government need not be involved in that. Our private affairs should be none of its business.

Marriage is a promise made before God with your marriage partner, possibly before a witnessing community. Government is not needed for this to take place.

Souls are not saved by regulating morality. I understand the point of wanting to ban certain behaviors, but it doesn’t work and it is hypocrtical since there are plenty of divorced and remarried Christians in churches and our kids are often sexually active before marriage.

If you want to make a difference in our society, start with your own family and community. God is not surprised by what is happening now with regard to our government. Teach your kids in the way they should go, call your churches to task for where they have strayed. Reach out to friends who claim to be Christians but who are living sinful lifestyles and gently guide them back where they should be. When that fails, churches should consider discipline. Discipline does not make the sin go away. Of the divorced and remarried Christians I know, it’s unlikely any of them could reconstitute their former marriages. But they would be helped immeasurably by confessing their sin and recognizing that they are outside of God’s will before committing more deeply to the relationship they are in currently.

If we want Godly communities, Christians must be leading their families and raising their children in a Godly way. As a whole, we have largely failed at this. If we really want those that are homosexual in our communities to love Jesus, and reconsider their lifestyle as a result, we must first show them the love of Jesus that we claim exists. As a whole, this too we have largely failed at.

To the gay community, please understand that I do not hate you. However, I do encourage you to consider pursuing a relationship with Jesus Christ. Not only for your own sake in this life but in the life to come.

The reality is that Jesus hung on the cross for your sin too.

Luke 23:42-43 (Remember Me)

Luke 23:42-43 (Remember Me)

Remember Me

 Then he said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your Kingdom.”
And Jesus replied, “I assure you, today you will be with me in paradise.” (Luke 23:43)

Read: Judges 7:1 – 8:17, Luke 23:13-43, Psalm 97:1 – 98:9, Proverbs 14:7-8

Relate: Perhaps these words are fairly new to you, but I have heard them time and time again. At least once a year I feel that I have heard someone preach on them. I have read works by great men of the faith who write on them. A few times a year, I find myself reading them as I work my way through the Bible. They are so familiar that I sometimes forget just how audacious both of these statements are.

First, there is the thief on the cross. “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” There’s two ways to look at this. The more likely is that this thief on the cross held to the traditional view of the Messiah and he still believed Jesus was it. Even though the man had been beaten, mocked, whipped, and then nailed to a cross right next to him, this guy believed, somehow, Jesus was going to come down from that cross, sweep the Romans out of Israel, and re-establish a golden age for the kingdom of Israel. The second view was that this thief was one of the first to truly understand that the Messiah and the Kingdom were both something that would take place, somehow, beyond this physical world. Perhaps he had heard some teaching from Jesus and, even now, was beginning to connect the dots. He got it. Even before the disciples truly understand, this insurrectionist became a true believer. Either way, the faith he displayed in Jesus is absolutely amazing. And his only request: “remember me.” Don’t forget me.

Personally, I hold the opinion that he was believing for the first. Let’s not forget that he is being crucified by Romans. They don’t stick people up on crosses for stealing a loaf of bread. No, they crucify political rivals. They kill insurrectionists and rebels in this manner. We don’t know this thief’s backstory like we do for Barabbas (see The Cross and the Sword). What we do know is that, whatever he tried to steal, it was something big, political, and it annoyed the Romans quite a bit. Perhaps he tried to take an eagle. Maybe he tried to kidnap some important Roman for ransom. He might have permanently taken a few tax collectors out of the business. It is possible that it was an ordinary theft but in resisting arrest he ended up killing a soldier or two. Whatever the case, he sinned, angered Rome in doing it, and now repented and had faith in Jesus when everybody else’s had faltered.

Jesus’ response to this thief is even more incredible. First he says, “Today”. Impossible. The Romans know what they are doing when it comes to torture. They are pros at it. They like to make it stretch out. Nobody is supposed to die up there for three to four days at the earliest. The whole point of crucifying these three when and where they did was so that everyone entering Jerusalem for the Passover, and leaving the city afterward to return home would get a poignant reminder of just who is boss in this town. To have them die or be taken down so quickly would ruin the whole show. But Jesus says, “Today…

“You will be with me” All the thief had asked was to be remembered. “Hey Jesus, when you rule and reign in Your Kingdom. Don’t forget. I was here. I believed in You.” It is like how I remember my godly father, and my grandma, and my aunt, and my aunt, and my sister, and my niece, and my cousin. They, and many more, will always hold a treasured place in my heart. But Jesus promises something much, much more than a memory. One day, we will be together again, with Him, in his kingdom. That promise given to the thief on the cross is extended to all who believe as he did. “Today, you will be with me…

“In paradise.” This is the only time Jesus uses this word. Paradeisos is actually a Greek loan word from Persian where it means the king’s garden. The Septuagint uses it for the Garden of Eden. Paul uses it when he is talking about his vision of heaven (2 Corinthians 12:4). John also uses the word to represent heaven (Revelation 2:7). Some will say Jesus is talking about heaven. Others will say it is Abraham’s bosom where the righteous dead go until Jesus’ resurrection, or until the end times judgment, depending on one’s eschatology. Either way, Jesus is making it clear to this thief that the kingdom, which both are about to enter, is so much more than just this world.

React: The audacious faith of that thief is what is required of all of us. We don’t deserve heaven. No matter how good any of us might be, we will never come close meeting its entry requirements. There is nothing we can do to buy, or work our way through those gates. All we can do is have a bit of crazy faith to say, “Jesus, I deserve everything I’ve got coming my way. It’s nothing good and it is everything I’ve earned. But You… You are so much more. When You demonstrate to the world just who You truly are, would You please remember me?” Pray that prayer like You really mean it and just watch what happens. It will blow your mind.


Jesus, I believe. You are so much more than I could ever expect or imagine. You have more in store than I could ever dream. One day every knee will bow before You and every tongue will acknowledge that You are Lord. God, to You I bend my knee now. I don’t deserve to come into Your presence. I have done nothing to earn that right. But Your blood, shed on that cross, has paved a way for me. Remember me, Lord. When Your glory is revealed for all to see, remember me.

The River Walk

Jesus Wept for the City

1st Amendment
Jesus Wept for the City
October 6, 2014 MaddMedic 1 Comment

Jesus Wept for the City

October 6

“As he approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it and said, ‘If you, even you, had only known on this day what would bring you peace – but now it is hidden from your eyes’” (Luke 19:41-43).

Jesus was making his triumphal entry into the city of Jerusalem. The Pharisees were complaining about the exuberance of His disciples as He made His way into the city. They were celebrating a life that had blessed them and countless others: “When he came near the place where the road goes down the Mount of Olives, the whole crowd of disciples began joyfully to praise God in loud voices for all the miracles they had seen: ‘Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!’” (Luke 19:37-38).

Jesus was saddened by the response of the Pharisees. He knew what His presence could do for the city. But He also knew they would not change. The city would reject His presence and crucify. His presence would bring peace to the city if they embraced who He was – the author of peace. Now it would be hidden from their eyes because of unbelief.

Every city can be blessed by the presence of Jesus in their midst. However, it requires city leaders to invite the presence of Jesus into their city in order for that city to experience peace. Jesus comes to bring peace in any situation. However, He also realizes He will divide city leaders because of unbelief and political correctness.

Does your city need the presence of Jesus? Do you desire to see peace in your city? Begin to pray for city leaders to understand how the presence of Jesus can impact your city in dramatic and positive ways.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. And your own city.

wthorns      THE MERCY GIFT

The Mercy Gift

September 15

“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me”(Rev 3:20).

I am constantly amazed that the Creator of the universe wants to have an intimate relationship with us. While we are frantically searching for that certain something to make us happy, God is standing there the entire time saying “Here I am!” The scripture in Revelation says that He is standing at our door and knocking. If only we would take the time to listen and invite Him in! My neighbor Gerry told me a story that gave us the perfect picture of this concept.

Gerry is single, an attorney by vocation and works from his home. He has an amazing gift of mercy, an incredible love for animals and a malfunctioning front door. His door doesn’t shut properly and the only way to keep the door closed is to lock it, which Gerry rarely does. One day while working at home he heard his front door open. When he investigated the noise he discovered that Buddy, one of the neighborhood dogs, had let himself in by simply pushing on the front door.

Gerry gave him a treat and day after day, Buddy would come and visit. Each day it was the same routine. Buddy would push the door open, stand in the foyer and patiently wait for Gerry to come to him and give him a treat. He never forced his way in or begged for food – he always waited for Gerry to come to him. And Gerry always came. A few weeks later, Buddy started bringing his friends – other dogs in the neighborhood – and soon the dogs started hanging out for days before they would go back home.

I laugh as I often drive by Gerry’s house and see his front door wide open. And yet, I know that inside he is enjoying the fellowship of the neighborhood dogs. We can have that same fellowship with Jesus when we open the doors of our hearts to Him. He is standing at the door waiting for you to invite Him in.


Patricia- Lord Jesus, May the door to my heart always be open for You to Stay and please prepare a small place for me in Yours♥♥♥

Why Garden Now?

Great Article! This is very timely and informative…….

Herbe Rowe

The 2012 Garden The 2012 Garden

Around this country, in fact around the world this is a time of great upheaval and change. The economy of almost every nation is at risk, and the everyday people of the nations are in even greater jeopardy. In Europe…Ireland, Portugal, and Spain (among others) have hit a period of economic turmoil. In Greece they are fighting a period of austerity to be ‘saved’ financially by the European Union.

As ordinary citizens we are being forced to find new ways of surviving this period. Many of us are without jobs, and even without unemployment benefits. Many of us may lose homes, spouses, families, security, and/or all loving support. One of the things that I have been advocating for several years is the return to the coping methods of the WWII period. It was strongly encouraged during this period to grow what was then known as a Victory…

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How Secure Is Your Home? Why Every house needs a safe room.

How Secure Is Your Home?  Why Every house needs a safe room!!!

English: Del City, OK, May 4,1999 -- Norma Bar...
English: Del City, OK, May 4,1999 — Norma Bartlett standing in from of the safe room in her daughter’s home. She and her daughter were in the safe room during the tornado, along with two dogs and two cats. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



So many things today pose potential threats to our homes, our families and the lives we’ve built.  Severe weather pounds large areas of the United States with tornadoes, fires and flooding.  National crime rates continually climb as the economy teeters on the edge of collapse.  Conditions are ripe for catastrophe as we find ourselves reliant on a frail economy for survival.  You don’t need a vivid imagination to be able to foresee the potential wave of instability coming on the heels of any major event such as the one listed previously.  We’ve civil unrest occur in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina.  We’ve seen first hand the devastation left from riots and social backlash in response to political instability, social controversy and civil unrest.   The mounting dangers are ever present and a constant threat to your family, home and ability to survive..

Although there have been many advancements in designing, engineering and building modern homes; the fact remains that much of the actual materials used in construction have remained the same.   Modern homes may be equipped with alarm systems, security surveillance cameras, motion sensors etc… but in spite of all of these upgrades, most homes are still highly vulnerable to high winds, fire and  flooding.  Additionally, the vast majority of houses in America are not “modern” and lack even the most basic security provisions.

English: Oklahoma City, OK, June 21, 1999 -- T...
 Oklahoma City, OK, — The Safe Room Traveling Road Show teams visit Oklahoma, urging residents of tornado-prone areas to build an in-house “safe room” as protection against deadly tornadoes. FEMA disaster team staff, Bob Connors and Steve Jeffery, set up their display at a building supply center in Oklahoma City. 


It’s easy to see how any significant catastrophe will challenge the pseudo-security of the typical American home.  However the spin-off effects of any catastrophe will always result in civil unrest of some sort.  It’s the “kill or be killed” mentality that the average law-abiding people adopt when confronted with such a scenario.  We all need to feed our family and much of the population will do this at any cost.  It’s logical to predict that people will eventually take to the streets in search of supplies.  The average home made of wood, brick and glass will off little protection against a group of people that are intent on gaining entry.

According to the FBI statistics, one burglary occurs every 10 seconds.  In 2012 there were an estimated $8,975,438 property crimes.  This number is staggering when you consider that this was during a time where resources and provisions are plentiful. Basically the almost 9 million property crimes were committed by the “criminal” element of our society.  In catastrophic times even your average law abiding citizen will go to extremes to ensure survival.


English: Policeman in riot control gear checki...


Security is the number one thing a person should consider.  Any preparations made will be worthless if you can adequately protect your rations.  There are plenty of extravagant options that Rising S offers to assist in security….  from underground bunkers and shelters to above ground safe rooms – there are options for every scenario.  However, of all of the options available, one solution is both functional security and cost effective.  I am of course speaking of the above ground safe room from Rising S.   These are typically constructed from 1/4″ steel and rated to withstand winds in excess of 250mph and wind borne objects of 50,000lbs.   The unit is bolted to your concrete slab and it can be built to any dimension or installed behind false walls for confidentiality.   The safe room is resistant to fire, flood, and small arms fire.  Store anything of value inside the unit and in case of home invasion; the unit can protect at least four people depending on the unit’s size.


 YOU CAN  WIN Aenter-to-win-saferoom

No Free Speech In America!!!

No Free Speech In America

The "free speech zone" at the 2004 D...
The “free speech zone” at the 2004 Democratic National Convention. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How Americans lost their free speech – Obama signs anti free speech bill.

Official photographic portrait of US President...
Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In March 2012 President Obama signed H.R. 347 into law. The H.R. 347 law is an update of an existing law that was originally passed in 1971. This law restricts the access to areas around people or eventsthat have protection from the Secret Service. The law gives the Secret Service the right to expand a restricted area and make it illegal for you to enter that area even if you did it accidently. This law outlaws protesting near people (or places/events) who are “authorized” to be protected by the Secret Service. The H.R. 347 law makes it easier for the Secret Service to misuse existing laws to arrest and prosecute peaceful lawful protesters by lowering the requirement of intent.


First Amendment

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

The H.R. 347 is an obvious violation to our First Amendment based on premise it limits our freedom of speech, our right to assemble peaceably and our right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.


No Free Speech No Free Speech In America


‘Oops!’ Doesn’t Count Anymore

The pre-existing law made it a federal offense to “willfully and knowingly” enter restricted buildings or grounds. The new law only specifies that the criminal must only “knowingly” enter a restricted space to be in violation of the law.

For example, a G-20 meeting is hosted in the United States and the Secret Service decides it wants a larger perimeter around the event.  If a citizen wonders into a restricted zone.  That person could be arrested, federally prosecuted and found guilty of violating this law. The penalty is up to 10 years if they are carrying a weapon, or 1 year if they are not – for merely walking into a restricted area without even knowing the area is illegal. The change to this law has made it easier for them to arrest and prosecute you.


How this Effects your Right to Protest

The H.R. 347 law has been used to shunt protesters at major political events into “free speech zones”. Am I the only one who thought the entire U.S. was a free speech zone? Police are allowed to use this law at their discretion when events such as the G8 Summit, governmental debates or any ”official event” .


Today, any occasion that is officially defined as a National Special Security Event (NSSE) calls for Secret Service protection. A NSSE event could include basketball championships, concerts, the Olympic games even though these events have nothing to do with government business.

The H.R. 347 law is written too vague and overly broad. It seems to be a trend that vague laws are specifically designed to create ‘wiggle room’ for Federal authorities to potentially abuse civil and human rights.  Any law that tries to take away our liberties should raise red flags across our country.


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See What God Sees

Hannah Giving Her Son Samuel to the Priest
Hannah Giving Her Son Samuel to the Priest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Godly Relationships…

But the Lord said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature…for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart. (1 Samuel 16:7)

Some say that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. However, true beauty is seen through the eyes of God. When we allow ourselves to see our spouses as God sees them, we will find the ‘real’ beauty in them. We cannot rely on what the world tells us, we have to rely upon the internal guidance of God’s Spirit.

Regardless, of whether you are married now or are hoping to marry; trust God today to allow you to see the heart and not just what’s on the outside. Because it is the inner man of the heart that truly matters in any marital relationship.

Faith1st Ministries


But the Lord said unto Samuel, Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature…for the Lord seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the Lord looketh on the heart.(1 Samuel 16:7)

Some say that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’. However, true beauty is seen through the eyes of God. When we allow ourselves to see our spouses as God sees them, we will find the ‘real’ beauty in them. We cannot rely on what the world tells us, we have to rely upon the internal guidance of God’s Spirit.

Regardless, of whether you are married now or are hoping to marry; trust God today to allow you to see the heart and not just what’s on the outside. Because it is the inner man of the heart that truly matters in any marital relationship.

Have Faith1st

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